Tesla upgrades model 3

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Welcome to the Tesla club! Your new Tesla Model 3 is already perfect off the showroom floor, but there are a lot of things you can buy to make your car even better and more practical.

We've surveyed thousands of customers and curated a list of the Best Tesla Model 3 accessories. These are all things every new Tesla Model 3 owner must have! It doesn't matter if you have the performance, short-range or long-range. You're part of the Tesla family now. You probably have a few hundred or a few thousand miles by now, and are wondering how you can upgrade your floor mats, or how you can charge your cell phone. We're gonna help you do just that. If you can't wait or don't have time to read everything, our summary list below will help you find just what you need!

If you're like us, your shopping cart is going to be full of stuff you didn't even know you needed. By far the most popular and well received floor liners available for the brand new Tesla Model 3. These are custom fit to the contours and provide more dead pedal coverage than leading brands.

We have been selling MAXpider floor liners for several years - we can say, without a doubt, these liners are well worth the money spent. The Tesla Model 3 trunk is huge, so you're probably packing a lot in it. Make sure it's protected with a custom fit trunk liner. Carry food, drinks, potted plants If there's a spill, just take the trunk liner out of the car and hose it off!

Not everyone needs frunk protection, but in case you do MAXpider has you covered here. This small liner fits perfectly in the frunk space, providing a raised edge and protection for whatever cargo you like to put in your frunk.

The only carpet liner available for the Tesla Model 3, this carpet version is everything that is perfect about the rubber set - except now in carpet form.

This carpet floor mat has raised edges, contour-perfect fitment and a rubber heel pad for the driver. This is the only currently available carpet set that has raised edges, which will help contain spills.

For more economical needs the Lloyd NorthRidge rubber floor mats may be what you need. These are cheaper than other custom floor liners, though they are a bit more 'rugged'. While these do not have raised edges, they are still cut to the contours of your Tesla Model 3. It features a 'raised weave' pattern which does help divert messes and spills from getting on your carpet.

These come in 8 colors and are available for the front, rear, trunk, frunk and small deck. If you're looking for some carpet floor mats that are more durable than the Tesla floor mats, these looped carpet floor mats are a great option. Looped carpeting is a bit different than your standard cutpile carpeting.

tesla upgrades model 3

Looped carpeting was very popular on early model automobiles prior to around and are highly durable. When it comes to standard cutpile carpeting, the Lloyd Ultimat line is the best value for the dollar.Any Tesla Model 3 owner will rapidly notice that it is a rather well-equipped vehicle with a plethora of impressive features that make driving easier, safer, and more comfortable.

tesla upgrades model 3

The ownership experience can be improved further with a few accessories that bring extra functionality, help take care of the interior or enhance visual appeal. After careful consideration, we have selected the ten best Tesla Model 3 accessories.

Lets begin:.

tesla upgrades model 3

All-Weather floor mats will help you keep the interior of your Model 3 in pristine condition. Having All-Weather is especially important in climates where rain or snow are common occurrences. Stylish, resistant and easy to clean defines this set of floor mats. Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that has increased adoption substantially in recent times.

Pretty much every flagship smartphone supports it; Apple iPhones have supported it since It is very likely that your current smartphone is compatible with wireless charging — might as well have a wireless charger available to take advantage of it. Up to two smartphones can be charged simultaneously, side to side.

No need to worry about cables or plugging in your smartphone while driving. Simply place your phone on the charging mat and let technology do the work.

The only downside we found with this accessory is that it uses both of your center console USB ports. Some users might find that inconvenient as this Tesla Wireless Charger needs to use both ports constantly. The Model 3 features an enormous inch touchscreen as a control center for every aspect related to the vehicle. From air conditioning to exterior lights, the massive screen is one of the most distinctive elements of the car.

Just like any glass-based display, it is susceptible to scratches and general wear and tear. A screen protector will help avoid this as it protects the actual glass with a thin, replaceable transparent film that takes the scratches while leaving the actual screen spotless.

As with any plastic-based material, it can get a yellow-ish tone after years of use and sunlight exposure and you might want to replace it every couple years. Due to its low cost, we consider it an excellent investment and a must-have Tesla Model 3 accessory as it will keep your center console display pristine without scratches. Even though it is technically a sedan, the short trunk lid and long rear window give it a shape that can resemble a hatchback.

The Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mounted bike rack is a traditional bike mount that attaches to the trunk of your Model 3 and offers capacity for up to 3 bikes. We were surprised seeing how well it fits the vehicle considering the unusual rear shape of the car.

Here is how it looks when in use:. The trunk can be opened normally while using this accessory. There is no risk of breaking the glass with either the bike or the frame of the bike mount if we need to get access and open it while using the bike rack. Overall, the Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack is an excellent accessory for any Tesla Model 3 and will enable you to bring your biking hobby to new locations.

Related: Tesla Model 3 Bike Racks. As with the screen protector, this wrap will also protect the actual surface from the center console from scratches and normal wear and tear. This is another accessory that should be considered a must-have for owners living in sunny environments. The windshield reflector works as a mirror, it reflects sunlight away, helping keep the car fresh and the interior pristine.

No need to keep burning your hands with a hot steering wheel.

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Another benefit of having a sunshade while parked is increased interior privacy.I understand that I should be getting the upgrade from HW2. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this has already started happening or if anyone has already had the upgrade.

This is more out of curiosity than anything else, since I am planning to wait until Tesla contacts me or until my 50K mile service in about 8K miles to request it. Apologies if this has already been brought up; I imagine it has.

I don't read the forum often, and I have never been able to figure out how to search for posts here. CST I browsed just a little and found my answer, which amounts to "no one really knows" but "Elon says rollout starts in earnest in Q1. I could swear the last time I tried to find something on the forum, I searched through 20 pages and came up dry.

This time, not so much. Thanks and apologies for adding to the clutter. A little visualization I guess. Here is something a little more useful: I made a service appointment via the app with a reference to HW3.

This was the only way i received my graphite spoiler Tesla has started HW3 upgrades. How long is the HW3 upgrade going to take? Is it long enough that the owner would have to get a rental car? Berkely service center kept my car for a week including Thanksgiving to do mine I had a S70D the enire week as a loaner. I was told mine was one of the first.

Some service centers no longer offer loaners, they give you Uber credits instead. I thought this was supposed to be the policy everywhere, but apparently not. Yea - I hope they get to me soon as well. What is the issue with the charger pins? Have not heard of that one.If you love watching cars "dog fight" around a track, Out of Spec Motoring 's latest Tesla Model 3 Performance battle should be right up your alley.

The guys test out the difference between a Model 3 Performance "Plus" and a "sleeper" version of the same car. Sometimes, Tesla's trim levels and packages can cause confusion.

This is because the automaker is constantly making adjustments. To help you better understand what's going on here, we figured we should offer a bit of explanation. Essentially, early on you could get a Model 3 Performance that looked just like a standard Model 3. However, a "Performance Upgrades" package was available to dial it up a notch better wheels, brakes, spoiler, etc.

Later, Tesla made that package standard on every Model 3 Performance available using its online configurator. So, there are some sleeper M3Ps out there, and you may be able to order one from Tesla, but there is currently no online option to do so.

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Most of the Model 3 Performance cars on the road today are likely those with the package, either because an early buyer chose to add it or because it came standard after Tesla made the change.

At any rate, it's interesting to see how the two cars stack up. The best part here is that Out of Spec plans to upgrade tires and brakes on the "Plus" car and run some tests again in the near future. Kyle and Ben battle it out on the race track with their Performance Model 3s. Because these cars are both on different tires, we aren't sure we accomplished anything, but it was a great time. The Performance Plus had the worst all season cheapest tires and did a pretty good job keeping up with the Stealth Performance with Summer performance tires.

For more behind the scenes content By : Steven Loveday.

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How much difference does the Model 3 Performance Upgrades package make? About this article Category Races and Chases. Tesla Model 3 Performance.

THIS IS LUDICROUS! * Tesla Model 3 Long Range with $2,000 Boost Upgrade vs Model 3 Performance

Tesla Model 3. Sign In or Sign Up. Races and Chases.Fred Lambert. When you get a new Tesla Model 3, it comes fairly well equipped, but it still needs a few accessories — some like any other cars and others specifically for the Model 3. A small portable air compressor is good to have in any car, but it can arguably be even more important in the Model 3, especially if you tend to have range anxiety.

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To achieve the best efficiency and optimal range, it is important that you maintain the recommended air pressure in your tires. Having a small tire repair kit on board gives some peace of mind.

I love the center touchscreen, but it is a fingerprint magnet. It also appears quite vulnerable, like a smartphone screen, so I decided to install a screen protector. The installation is ultra simple and it is forgiving. I manage to remove any air bubble in a few minutes. They say it reduces the reflection and fingerprints.

I recommend the product. It appears to be similar, but I cannot vouch for the effectiveness like the Topfit one above. If you think the touchscreen is a fingerprint magnet, wait until you see the smudges on the piano black center console:.

On top of the smudges, I think the shiny black of the center console makes it obvious that it is plastic. It sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise great-looking interior. A bunch of vendors started offering wraps custom-made for the Model 3 center console. I tried a few and I highly recommend it. I like it so much that I think and I will also do the door trims so that nothing in the interior looks like plastic.

They are very expensive and in my opinion, they are too bulky. Of course, floor mats makes it a lot easier to clean and it will also reduce floor wear, which is going to help your car retain its value.

I could never get my phone to slide in properly. These days, most phones are equipped with wireless charging technology and adding a charging pad to the center console makes chagring your phone in the Model 3 a lot easier. I tried a bunch of different ones and I find the Nomad charging pad custom-made for the Model 3 to be the best option by far:. It fits perfectly into the section of the center console made to hold the phones.

It is also equipped with a battery pack, which slowly charges from the USB outlets underneath the console in order to deliver the power quicker through the battery pack.Over-the-air upgrades are an essential part of the Tesla ownership experience and enable your car to improve with the touch of a button. Offering additional features and functionality that help customize your Tesla to your needs, these upgrades are available for purchase from your Tesla Account or the Tesla appversion 3.

Depending on your configuration, different upgrades will be available for your car and will automatically appear in your Tesla Account for purchase.

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These upgrades do not require a service visit and can simply be purchased with a payment method on file. Unless otherwise specified, your car will update when parked and connected to Wi-Fi for the quickest update experience.

Log into your Tesla Account or the Tesla app to learn more about the upgrades available to you. Log into your Tesla Account and select upgrades to learn more.

Here’s What You Get With the Tesla Model 3 Premium Upgrades Package

What are the accepted methods of payment? Upgrades can be purchased via credit card from your Tesla Account. You can adjust the selected card prior to check out by editing your payment method. How will I know once my car has completed an upgrade? Are upgrade purchases refundable?

Model 3 Lighting Upgrades

For upgrades purchased from the Tesla app, you can request a refund from the Tesla app within 48 hours of purchase. All refund conditions are available in your Tesla app.

If an upgrade was purchased in a Service Center, contact your local Service Center. You cannot receive a refund for subscriptions including Premium Connectivity.

Learn more about cancelling your Premium Connectivity subscription.

Electrified Handling: Tesla Model 3 Upgrades

Are over-the-air software updates no longer free? No, we are continuing to provide over-the-air software updates that help your Tesla get better over time.

Some upgrades offer optional improvements or feature sets to your Tesla, which permanently enhance its overall performance or capabilities, and are available for purchase.

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Upgrades are available in version 3.Fred Lambert. As we previously reported, Sandy Munro, a manufacturing expert who rose to fame in the Tesla community after his breakdown of an early Model 3, is doing the first teardown of a Model Y. Now the manufacturing expert is getting into the nitty-gritty and showing some of the most impressive improvements made to the Model Y compared to the Model 3.

In the latest videos, we can see that they have removed most panels and the interior of the car -revealing the body, powertrain, and wiring architecture of the Model Y. It enables Tesla to make some significant cost savings by producing those parts in higher volumes, but it also limits the manufacturing improvements that the automaker can make to the electric SUV since it needs to rely on the design of the Model 3 for most of the parts. Now that the interior has been stripped, Munro was able to get a good look at the floorpan and more wiring, which is very similar to the Model 3, but Tesla managed to make some improvements:.

For example, Tesla managed to use the Model 3 floorpan in the SUV by raising the floor with engineered polypropylene EPPwhich resulted in reusing other interior parts for the Model 3, like the seats and entire dashboard, just at a different height. The raised floor is allowing Tesla to have a better wiring architecture and fit some more parts underneath:.

One of the most significant improvements that Munro noted is that Tesla changed the long high-voltage wiring system that goes from the inverter to the charge port to pipes Model Y pipes on the left and Model 3 wires on the right :. Munro says that the main advantage is that the pipes will always fit perfectly during the assembly process and therefore, it should save time during manufacturing.

In another video, Munro deep dove into the rear casting of the Model Y, which is by far the most significant change to the body of the Model Y compared to the Model As we previously reported, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is moving to an aluminum casting design instead of a series of stamped steel and aluminum pieces for the Model Y body:. Munro confirmed the change though he actually sees to parts in the back linked together by a bracket:.

Nonetheless, he was really impressed by the improvement made to the rear casting and he especially loves the one-piece drop-in trunk. While it would be a significant capital expenditure, due to the kind of volume Model 3 is making, it could be worth it if the cost savings per car is big enough.

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Through Zalkon. April 8. Tesla Model Y Floorpan and Wiring Now that the interior has been stripped, Munro was able to get a good look at the floorpan and more wiring, which is very similar to the Model 3, but Tesla managed to make some improvements: For example, Tesla managed to use the Model 3 floorpan in the SUV by raising the floor with engineered polypropylene EPPwhich resulted in reusing other interior parts for the Model 3, like the seats and entire dashboard, just at a different height.

The raised floor is allowing Tesla to have a better wiring architecture and fit some more parts underneath: One of the most significant improvements that Munro noted is that Tesla changed the long high-voltage wiring system that goes from the inverter to the charge port to pipes Model Y pipes on the left and Model 3 wires on the right :.

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