Strongly believe that there should be mandatory retirement age for politicians

Tulu film 'Dabak Daba Aisa'. Mar The recent news item in the Daijiworld announcing the sudden death of Dr V S Acharya, Senior Education Minister, Government of Karnataka, at the age of 71 years, got me wondering whether is there an official age at present in place for compulsory retirement for all Ministers and Members of Parliament, both at State and Central levels, and if there is not, should there be one, say, they should mandatorily retire from their posts and all their political activities at the age of 65!

Whereas the present official retirement age for all employees in the Private and Public Sectors, and also all other Government Departments is 60 years, it is strange that there is no age limit for the so called Parliamentarians and Ministers as they seem to be carrying on with their political activities forever.

If one looks at the current Indian political scene, I believe we have the oldest Cabinet in the world, as the average age of the Ministers in the current Parliament is around 65 years!

In fact there are quite a large number of septuagenarians ages between 70 and 79 and a few of octogenarians age group 80 — 89 as well, currently serving as Parliamentarians in the Government and opposition sides.

Sachin Pilot said that Political Leadership of a country decides as to which direction it should take. In order to harness the tremendous potential of young Indians in the political arena, we have to make way for them, he felt.

Sachin Pilot went on to say that with no disrespect to those who have contributed largely to the policy of this country, it is time political parties allowed a younger lot to face the electoral battle. That will enable them to understand the needs and aspirations of their electorate.

He further stated that asking the older Politicians to retire does not mean they have no role to play. In fact, they can play a constructive role by drawing upon their vast experience and knowledge base to guide and give advice on various matters, he said.

Page 1. Let us be honest and have no qualms about it. Our judgement is not sharp and dynamic as it used to be during our younger years. The alertness and reactive power also gradually gets reduced as we grow older. We are not energetic anymore and we tend to lack interest.

Also when old, one becomes a bit lethargic adopt a chaltha-hai attitude and not willing to take many risks and make bold decisions, which are very much needed in the day-to-day political scene.

Let us also acknowledge the fact that good and effective Politicians need a lot of energy, drive, enthusiasm and capacity to put in long and hard hours of working, almost days of the year, either be for election campaigning or to attend public meetings, social functions and programmes, and also in meeting their electoral obligations. In addition, they are required to perform their parliamentary duties, where often, they have to put in long hours.

Therefore, no doubt, it becomes very difficult for elderly persons to cope up with all these hectic schedules and duties on a continuous basis, thus in the process, rendering them inefficient or less productive.

They cannot simply adapt to the modern way of thinking, and often fail to live up to the expectations of the younger generation of voters.

They are also slow to understand and acclimatize the modern technological developments and change their policy settings to keep up with the ever changing modern world. Also, one tends to get so busy and pre-occupied with their hectic work schedules, Politicians very often neglect their own precious health, either they do not have the time for regular health check up or simply forget to do so, and in many cases they land up paying a heavy price for their negligence.

One would, therefore, often wonder what makes the Politicians to carry on for eternity in spite of their strenuous and stressful job and responsibilities.

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Is it that they are financially not doing all that good, which one would doubt very much though, as, over a period of time, they would have accumulated a certain amount of wealth sufficient to take care of their future, or surely there must be some pension or superannuation scheme that has been put in place by the Government to take care of their financial needs when they retire.

Or is it that they think that they are indispensable, as if there are no one else available capable of shouldering their duties and responsibilities; if t is so, they are sadly mistaken, as one would think surely there are a number of men and women out there who are more than capable of filling up their positions.

Or, is it that they are hungry for power, the limelight, the authority, etc, to which they have been used to, over the years, and they do not want to give up at any cost?

Running the Government of a country can be compared to running a factory or a manufacturing unit. In a factory, there are a number of machines and equipments producing goods and materials. Similarly, there are a number of Politicians who are responsible to run the Government. In a factory, where the old machinery and equipment gets used up and worn out, and needs to be replaced from time to time in order to achieve maximum production, same is the case in Government system, - in order to achieve perfect governance and administration, the old blood needs to be replaced with the new one.

In other words, with due respect, the old Politicians should make way for the younger ones, time to time. After all, life is not all about work and official duties, as there is so much can be done outside politics. For example, they can still indirectly contribute to their respective political party, as being advisors and mentors, and pass on to their party members, especially the youth, their valuable political knowledge, experience and wisdom which they have gained over the years.

Luckily, India has massive human resources at its disposal with millions of its young educated men and women quite a large number of them graduates and post-graduates evenand under such conditions, it should not be much of a problem to find the budding and aspiring political candidates to suitably replace the old Politicians.

Yet, it is ironic and sad indeed, most of our top Politicians are in their 70's and some even in their 80's!. It is fervently hoped as well that this article will help to spread and ignite more awareness and interest amongst the youth to take up political career, where they can directly contribute in a positive way to the development and well being of their country.

Anthony Crasta - Archives:.Yes, there should be.

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I think politicians and presidents in particular should have to go through the same battery of tests that a person goes through in bonding or regular employment and this should be presented to the public.

So a security clearance, credit check, a criminal check, a drug screen, a health exam, psychological testing, employment history, everything today's employers give to a a highly placed candidate for a sensitive job. It's the least we can do before choosing the leader of the free world.

As far as the Chicago remark above me, this allegedly happened in the JFK race, got anything recent? Like Ohio throwing away ballots? How about Katherine Harris deliberately disenfranchising thousands of voters in Florida in and using Choicepoint's admittedly flawed felon list?

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You can always force them into early retirement by voting them out of office. Since that obviously isn't working, why bother with a mandatory retirement? The majority of voters actually respect the experience and presumed intelligence acquired with age. Maybe you, too, will live to be old someday and wonder why everyone assumes you're a moron. There are just some occupations with age forced retirements. Having experienced the shortcoming of a discern to Alzheimers, i'm familiar with the early tiers while judgment and skills start to say no.

He certainly made a fool of himself at the French Court when he talked France into aiding us during the Revolutionary War. I think that all politicians should be limited to 6 years unless elected to the office of president. Then the standard two term rule applies.

strongly believe that there should be mandatory retirement age for politicians

Well judging by Robert Byrd Democrat - West Virginiait has to be well overwe can't afford to loose such a fine statesman, the only member of the Senate who was a member of the KKK former Grand Kleagle for West Virginia and the man that Democrats describe as "the conscience of the Senate". No, but I think there should be a mandatory impeachment or removal from office if you failed to do your job. And you would lose your pension. I don't get these questions. I mean, didn't Obama just pick a 66 year old running mate?

By doing that, he has told all of his little sheep that age doesn't matter in this election. Answer Save. Fossil Lv 4. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer.Should we have Age Limit or Retirement for Politicians? According to my point of view there should be an age limit. In our country every field have some retirement age, but in politics no such age limit is there. Generally it has been seen that at the age of a person becomes lazy and many health problems engulfs. At that span of time he loses his capability to think more effectively. As we know politicians are very crucial and important part of our country.

So politicians should have retirement age. Old is gold,is this true for politics so far? I feel it is good to give youth more opportunities because they are full of ideas and are energetic to their tasks.

Politicians must a have retirement age

Youth are full of passion and they have capability to work with zeal and confidence. They are fresh minded and can take right decision.

The decision taken by young person is dynamic. If there willbe age limit then young generation will get chance to prove themselves. Just because there is no age limit, a politician continues to do his job until he is alive. I know they have experience but after a certain age limit they are not able to work so effectively which automatically lowers the development of our country.

Due to lack of job opportunities many youngsters are going to foreign countries for higher education or in seek of good job. Youth should be given opportunity in politics. So that there may be chance of change in corrupted politics and make our country corruption free and developed.

Politicians would need to retire notonly because they are physically unable to cope with the rigors of this demanding career, but because they feel that they have done a bit for the country. So I suggest that the age limit should be restricted up to age of Criminalisation of politics.

Backwardness consequence of our Political System.This is because there is such variety in the capabilities of people as they age. Since the country as a whole "hires" elected officials, they certainly have the ability to consider age during the election.

Having experienced the loss of a parent to Alzheimers, I am familiar with the early phases when judgment and abilities begin to decline. It is a legitimate concern. Pilots probably are limited by sight, hearing, etc. There are plenty of other positions where the wisdom and judgment one hopes comes with age are valued, as they should be. I wouldn't want some of our most experienced assets to be cut out of the process for some arbitrary age discrimination.

That only applies to Presidents, so they can acquire wisdom Now that one is a toughy, but hey if you don't mind some 80 year old losing their marbles running the country more power to you. Wisdom knows no boundaries, so should our politicians be assessed. One is never too old, but one can become so overwhelmed and induced with corruption and power that they become stupid.

Skip a mandatory retirement age for politicians. How about a mandatory "oops-I-didn't -pay-my -taxes" retirement clause for politicians? Or how about a mandatory "oops-I'm -corrupt-and-abuse -the-power -I've-been given" retirement clause for politicians? Or how about a mandatory "oops-nothing- is-my-fault -and-I'm-too -childish-and-self-absorbed -to-come- up-with-something -other-than- blame-game -theatrical-explanations" retirement clause for politicians?

Or how about a mandatory "oops-I- raised-those- gosh-darn-golly- gee-wiz -taxes-AGAIN" retirement clause for politicians? Not everybody loses their mental faculties as they age, and it's sad to see the mean liberals use such disrespectful stereotypes.

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Dr Doom Lv 4. Pilots have to retire when they get too old. Its no wonder they have no new ideas. Update 2: Ever heard the expression, There is no fool like an old fool. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Goodness, YES! The Senate looks more and more like a retirement home. There are very few occupations with age forced retirements. I'm sure everyone under either of these kinds of Presidents is happily taking pay-offs!!!! We see what it's done for the country so far.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. They should be restricted to a maximum of 2 terms. AngelaTC Lv 6. Because wisdom comes with age and experience. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Everyone else has a mandatory retiring age and politicians should be no different. They are just as likely to suffer from mental degeneration as anyone else.

strongly believe that there should be mandatory retirement age for politicians

Read more below. The current general elections were deliberately delayed so that many first-time voters could be added to the rolls. Yet, many of its politicians are old.

Many of the country's top positions are held by people over the age of There seems to be a growing sense of disillusionment among India's youth who feel that the wrong generation of politicians is running the country.

Many of their concerns, which include rising unemployment and inadequate education facilities are not addressed by politicians. India's recent consumer boom was fuelled by a growing young middle class.

But many of India's brightest leave the country at the earliest opportunity. There is a fear that India's progress is being checked by its leaders who are not in touch with reality. Do you feel that India needs a new generation of leaders? Should there be a retiring age for polticians? Country needs young, progressive, forward looking and able leadership and hence politicians above 60 years be banned from holding any public office.

Also educational qualification be a must for holding public office. Sribaschha Joshi, Thailand Irrespective of the country, type of political system, social ideologies or people's educational level, history shows that political leaders dwell in the seats of power.

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This must stop and one of the ways is through mandatory retirement. Before they make stupid policy choices due to outdated views on right and wrong.

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Obviously these people took to many drugs in the sixties, which has now clouded their view on reality Kevin Turnbull, England There should not only be a retirement age at 65 maximum, but also a stipulation that all should have a Degree in the field they have the portfolio.

We need people who have done good education and understand what the future could be for their next generation. Radhakrishnan, Dubai It has been widely seen that politicians, like other human beings, become senile and start making clouded decisions.

The best thing to do would be to let a younger one take over as he will have better knowledge about the current issues facing the general public.

Amitabh Ghuwalewala, India Politicians should be allowed to contest only three times in his lifetime, irrespective of his win or loss in the elections. This will break the hegemony of few people over the country. Ogale, India These parasites should not be allowed to live off the people as long as they wish!!!! Mathai, India New talent and dynamism is an important ingredient for politics as well.

What needs to happen is politicians should develop the psyche to question themselves about their moral right to contest.

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This psyche is just evolving in India. India's opposition is just learning to be constructive opposition and not fight for every issue baselessly and disrupt governance with malicious, false and petty scandals.Wednesday, May 09, The normal retirement age for certain professions can also be influenced by industry regulations.

If, for example, the Civil Aviation Authority will not license a pilot who has passed 60 years of age, it's reasonable to infer that that's the maximum retirement age for both male and female pilots at Air Jamaica. Studies have shown that, in general, an employee is most productive when he is in his 30s and 40s. Contrast that with data that shows that most employees reach their highest earning potential in their 50s and you start to see why some businesses are aiming for a younger workforce.

Some businesses openly prefer to hire young people, while others implement mandatory retirement policies. As noble as it is to want to give young people a chance, employers must be careful that they don't discriminate against old folks. Many job listings give a minimum and a maximum age for eligibility.

Should There Be A Retirement Age For Politicians In India?

There was a time when you had to be female and under 35 years old to be an air hostess as they were then called. That is no more, especially with some American airlines. Anti-discrimination laws in the United States undoubtedly had something to do with that. Since the passage of the Charter of Rights last year, it's only a matter of time before similar changes take off in Jamaica. Age discrimination in the workplace occurs most often when a senior citizen is denied a position that he or she is qualified to occupy, but which is offered to a younger, and arguably less qualified candidate.

Older employees are easy targets because they are generally more expensive to the organisation and are perceived as being less flexible. Younger workers tend to accept lower salaries and benefits packages, tend to be less jaded and are considered more likely to deliver higher productivity for a longer period. Whenever the experience that comes with age isn't a major factor, a more mature candidate is at a comparative disadvantage in the job market.

Hence, there are jobs that are considered to be 'young people work' which typically don't pay well but also don't require those 3 words that recent graduates despise the most post qualification experience.

But what about the cases where the employee is already qualified and working in the position? Age discrimination can also take the shape of forced retirement.

Retirement ought to be something that we look forward to. In an ideal world, our statutory pensions would allow us to retire with comfort and dignity. In an ideal world, our children would support us instead of living with us in their 30s.

In an ideal world, we'd all get our life savings back from Olint and Cash Plus. In the real world, however, many of us will need to work for as long as our bosses will permit. For some of us, that may not be long enough. In the real world, many businesses will want employees who, as one former prime minister phrased it, are more in sync with 21st century realities, whose vision can have a longer scope and who can bring new energy to enormous tasks.

What happens, then, when the company wants a '21st century employee' to replace a 20th century one? Typically, it asks the older employee to retire and make way for the next generation. An employer should not, however, compel a worker to retire unless there is either an agreement between them as to the retirement age or the appropriate retirement age may be inferred from the circumstances of the case.

If there is an agreement or common understanding, it would be wise to put it in writing, in either the employment contract or the company's policies. If not in writing, then either the employer or the employee may rely on established practice within the organisation to support the existence or non-existence of a normal retirement age.

And if there is no contract, understanding or practice, then one could look to the industry norms to fill the gap.

Mandatory Retirement Essay examples

It is a mistake to believe that the normal retirement age as expressed in the National Insurance Act is automatically implied as the retirement age in every contract of employment. More significant, however, is the retirement age that is expressed in the Trust Deed and Rules of the company's pension fund. This is especially so if participation in the pension fund is a term of the employment contract.Tuesday, September 10, I believe that it is morally wrong for our political leaders to enforce a law that states that women must retire at age 60 and men at 65 within the private and public sectors.

In Jamaica, about 20 per cent of our political leaders are over their respective retirement ages. Are they above the law? I am sure that the law is being enforced why not with political leaders? How come they are still shamelessly going to work every morning? By their own ignoring of that law they are demonstrating that they are more important to Jamaica than our teachers, our doctors and nurses, our lawyers, and our police officers.

By their ignoring that law, are they stating that they are superior human beings to non-political Jamaicans? Come to think of it, what is the qualification to be a politician? How and where were they certified? Where is that political school of certification?

What is the period of training? When was the last time that a politician has ever retired from that job -- except for reasons of "ill health". What is so important to them that they all, by their own choice, have to die being a politician rather than retiring gracefully and enjoying the "fruits of their honest stewardship".

strongly believe that there should be mandatory retirement age for politicians

Come on Mr Politician, Ms Politician, it's retirement time. Allow job space for the young and potentially aspiring politician to join that group of public servants to demonstrate their new vision of a new Jamaica. Now you can read the Jamaica Observer ePaper anytime, anywhere.

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strongly believe that there should be mandatory retirement age for politicians

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